Business Insurance

General Liability

At times, even the smallest of mishaps can turn into large lawsuits. That’s why general liability insurance, along with property and worker’s compensation insurance, gives absolute tranquility for business owners. Liability insurance shields your business assets when it is run after something it did (or failed to do) that caused injury or property damage.

Commercial Property

Commercial Property Insurance covers the physical parts of your business, including assets, your building, equipment, furnishings, fixtures, inventory, computers, records and other valuable items. This coverage can help repair or replace the building, or even your entire business landscape as a whole. Commercial Property Insurance can also provide financial assistance if you experience a loss of income while your business is non-operational during a covered loss.

Business Income

When your profit-generating properties become devastated, you’re forced to shut down your business temporarily, and resume operations at a later time. This would mean customers taking their business elsewhere, forcing you to find a way to fund fixed expenses and costs to run your business back up. A sound business income insurance covers for that lost income, while your business strives to gain ground once again.

Commercial Umbrella

Even in the darkest of business times, Commercial Umbrella Insurance protects you from unexpected factors than can make you go out of business. To simply put it, your business will continue to operate no matter what when you’re equipped with it. Evaluating your company and determining the level of umbrella coverage that is necessary to protect your business are only two of the many specialties of our qualified Business Insurance Specialists.

Commercial Auto

Your business vehicle, whether for employee transportation or delivery of equipment or products, moves your commerce forward. Without a comprehensive company car insurance, it’s impossible to transport without fear of costly business losses brought by possible spoilage or product breakage that goes with accidents.

A Commercial Auto Insurance intends to protect you and your employees from the unexpected, and ensures that a road mishap won’t drag your business down.

Employment Practice Liability Insurance

A resentful employee could mean thousands of dollars lost to litigation charges. In the United States, litigation charges are exponentially increased by employment practice disputes. Whether it’s a former or current staff member alleging discriminatory practices, it’s essentially important to have a decent coverage that answers for this business uncertainty.

Group Health

As a business owner, you know that offering medical coverage can be vital to attract top-notch employees and to maintain employee morale. However, recent trends in health coverage are alarming. Premiums for Group Health Insurance Plans have increased by double digits over the past three years, and the smallest companies have had to shoulder the biggest increases. Work with one of our experienced insurance professionals to find a group health plan that fits your needs and budget.

Worker’s Compensation

Whether you employ a handful or several hundreds of employees, a Worker’s Compensation Insurance is obligatory in most U.S. territories. This insurance is a win-win for both you and your men by abolishing related lawsuits on your part, and providing benefits and related compensation to your injured or ill employees.

Every company type and state have varying requirements when it comes to this type of insurance, that’s why our insurance professionals are equipped with the right industry knowledge to assist you.

Surety Bonds

Choice Plus Insurance also offers surety – a three-party instrument where the third party guarantees and assumes fulfillment of the contract in case the primary securer defaults. With such bonds, we help give businesses assurance that we have their backs at uncertain times.

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